Ireland South West

Founder of the Presentation Sisters, Venerable Nano Nagle set up her first school in Cork, Ireland, in 1754 and founded the Congregation on Christmas Eve in 1775.  Presentation Sisters have maintained a continuous presence in Cork city since the founding of the Congregation 240 years ago.  In 1976 the South West Province joined the Presentation Sisters Union during its formation.

Please see below to learn more about our Sisters in Ireland South West and the various ministries they are involved in.

Ballyphehane, Cork

In front: Sr. Claire Sheehan; 2nd Row L to R: Sr. Margaret Coleman (Non-resident Leader), Sr. Marie Fox, Sr. Patricia O’Shea (Non-resident Leader); 3rd Row L to R: Sr. Jennie Clifford, Sr. Margaret Mary Galvin Back Row L to R: Sr. M. Annunciata Forde, Sr. Maeve O’Sullivan

Sr M Annunciata Forde
• Various duties within the Community
• Involvement in Scripture Group which meets in the convent each week
• Associates / Friends of Nano
• Involvement in St. Joseph’s Young Priests’ Society
• Prison Visitation with St. Vincent de Paul
• Taking Holy Communion to house-bound in the Parish
• Visitation of Nursing Home

Sr Claire Sheehan
• In a nursing home – prayer

Sr. Margaret Mary Galvin:
• Parish ministry: Rosary Groups; Minister of the Word in Parish Church
• Involvement in Scripture Group with lay people which meets in the convent each week
• Visitation of house-bound / semi-invalids
• Member of Ecumenical Prayer Group “Maranatha” (British)
• Visitation of Nursing Home

Sr Maeve O’Sullivan
• Various duties within the Community
• Hospitality to those who come to stay in this convent
• Visitation of Nursing Home
• Prayer

Sr Marie Fox
• Within the Community House: Maintenance; grocery shopping; petty cash
• Outside the Community House: teaching English and Maths to Non-Irish children in Togher Girls’ Primary School (involved there as a volunteer for 12 years).
• Minister of the Word in Parish Church
• Visitation of Nursing Home

Sr Jennie Clifford
• Various duties within the Community
• A member of the coordinating group of Global Education Experience Project
• Formation Work
• Teaching English to non-Irish student in Secondary School
• Member of the Board of Management of Secondary School
• Spiritual Direction
• Member of Advisory Group of SHEP (Social and Health Education Project)/ EARTH AWARE
• Visitation of Nursing Home

Lixnaw, Co. Kerry

We are a community of six Sisters here in a small village called Lixnaw, in North County Kerry.

The Sisters first came here in 1875. Classes for young girls and boys began soon after arrival.
A Secondary school was established in the 50’s and continued until amalgamation with other local schools in the 70’s.
It is twenty years since the last Sister retired from the primary school but the spirit of Nano continues, celebrated every November 21st, with drama, song, music and dance within the Eucharistic Liturgy.

Our present Community, in order of seniority, are:
Ailbe Quirke, Kyran Prendiville, Evelyn Maguire, Mary Moloney, Dorothy Costello and Úna Harman.

As a community our main ministry is prayer and hospitality.
We commit to daily community prayer during which we remember all those who asked our prayer.

Family and friends of the Sisters, family of those who have died, neighbours and past pupils are all made welcome.
Some of the Sisters help in the Church as readers and other ministries. One Sister has joined the active retired group locally and also invites a Bridge group to the Convent once a week.

A Sister spends time each Friday with a John of God special group, in music and song ministry. She is also the local choir director.
A little group of local people meet for meditation once a month and during Advent and Lent. This gathering is facilitated by one of the Sisters.
Another Sister is appointed as local leader to another community which keeps her very busy.
We love to have people come visit . “Tá fáilte romhaibh.”


Presentation Midleton – Recent News/Events
Currently there are ten Sisters in Midleton, three of whom are not in residence – Sr Joseph Darmody in Conna Nursing Home, Sr Máire Manning in Ballincurrig Nursing Home and Sr Úna Burke in Marymount Hospice Care in Cork.

Areas of ministry include:
• Visitation of hospitals – Srs Carmel Hartnett and Agnes Manley
• Associates – Sr Clare Fox
• Adoration in Parish Church – Srs Carmel Hartnett and Agnes Manley
• Parish music ministry when requested – Sr Carmel Flynn
• First Communion programme with parents – Srs Clare Fox, Carmel Hartnett and Carmel Flynn
• Cathecetics in Cloyne diocesecan primary schools – Sr Clare Fox

All significant events are celebrated

Sr Aurea Dias visited recently and a celebratory lunch was enjoyed by all three communities in the diocese – Midleton, Fermoy and Youghal.  Photos of this special event below.

Srs Máire and Agnes

Srs Máire and Agnes

Srs Angela and Agnes

Srs Angela and Agnes

Srs Evelyn, Eucharia, Catherine, Lelis, Mary Jane,

Srs Evelyn, Eucharia, Catherine, Lelis, Mary Jane,

Srs Placida, Evelyn, Margaret, Carmel

Srs Placida, Evelyn, Margaret, Carmel

Sr Stanislaus and Mary

Sr Stanislaus and Mary

Srs Margaret, Carmel, Aurea and Placida

Srs Margaret, Carmel, Aurea and Placida

Srs Aurea, Catherine, Eucharia and Angela

Srs Aurea, Catherine, Eucharia and Angela


Presentation Community in Youghal, Co Cork dates back to 1834. The years of Prayer and Ministry celebrated here add up to one hundred and eighty-five year and the combined age of the four Sisters here now adds up to almost three hundred and sixty years, so we have much to remember and give thanks for, and still more opportunities for mission.

We are closely associated with Youghal Parish and have a lovely sense of Eucharistic Community with many at morning Mass, funerals and other celebrations. Because of age and health factors we are not as active in ministry as previously, but are on the inward journey, awake to the Mystery of God and supportive of the work of the Congregation worldwide.


Sr Stanislaus Kent

L-R: Srs Carmel Ryan, Stanislaus Kent, Margaret Cashman, Placida Barry

In my 98th year my chief ministry is prayer. I help with household duties, I do the accounts and I pay the staff.


Sr Margaret Cashman

  • Link-person with house-staff providing for the needs of Sisters, shopping for kitchen and dining room.
  • Driving Sisters where necessary
  • Assistant gardener and refuse collection and recycling


Sr Carmel Ryan

  • Sacristan duties – preparation for celebration of Mass, care of Alter Vessels and linen, buying wine, breads, candles etc for Mass
  • Visitation of hospital and Nursing homes. Visiting and meeting with the old and homeless in Shalom House and St Francis Court – i.e Respond Housing projects
  • Doing weekly adoration in the adoration Chapel
  • Visits to Blessed Sacrament and presence at morning and evening prayer to increase my appreciation of God’s love in our lives and to give us the opportunity to pray for our loved one and the whole world
  • Daily recitation of the Rosary – with the odd duplicate thrown in – assures us of the special care of Mary Our Mother. We intercede for the needs of the local church and of those far and near, particularly those in the troubled parts of the world.


Sr Placida Barry

My ministries here are many – simple and changeable depending on need and opportunity.

I organise meetings, write reports, communicate outward by letter, email and phone calls. Immigrant workers accept my voluntary work for English (TEFL) and social integration of their families.

Ministry to community and others needs cars, so I renew, repair and service the cars and tend to daily and annual specifications. I find people to maintain and repair our residence and I engage house staff. I still have an interest in safeguarding children professionally, based on long-term experience. Now I help with necessary edits of materials for circulation of the Communication Office of the Congregation .


Kilorglin, Co, Kerry

Sr Noreen Quilter

I am based in Killorglin Co Kerry in the South West province. My ministry is being part of a Diocesan team with my main role being Diocesan Advisor to 159 primary schools in the diocese for Kerry. It involves school visits, supporting and resourcing teachers in the teaching of Religious Education. Providing in service to teachers and supporting our Catholic schools and their Boards of Management.


Catherine Barry

Our ministry situation has changed enormously during the past twelve months.  Last year Eucharia did voluntary teaching, particularly with regard to foreign nationals.  She also has, over the years, built up a wonderful connection with foreign national families and local people in need of material and advice assistance.   But now, as a result of four deaths in thirteen months, our numbers in the house have gone from six to two, and we also have one Sister in a Nursing Home.  In addition Eucharia is 78 and I’m 86.  Eucharia still carries on her ministry to, and interest in, those in need in the local community.  However the needs of her religious community take up most of her time.  We both see the ministry of prayer as most important and, being leader, Eucharia sees to our welfare.  Physically I am unable to do very much, but I do look after the accounts and things of that nature.

We are very aware that the above is a ministry of aged people but for us that’s how life is,  we have no regrets!  We had our day, let’s hope we did our best.