Back L-R: Sharon Fagan, Aurea Dias, Neneth Robledo, Julie Watson (Leader) and Anne McDermott

The Union Of Sisters Of The Presentation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary has members all around the globe.The Congregational Leadership Team was elected by the delegates of the Congregational Gathering in 2018. The five members of the Leadership Team, which represents approximately 1,100 sisters worldwide, serve a six-year term of office.
They exercise leadership collaboratively in a spirit of service to the Gospel in the charism  of Nano Nagle, and in fidelity to Our Way of Life and the vision and direction of the Congregational Gathering. (Our Way of Life. C61).

The Congregational Leadership Team is based in Monasterevin, County Kildare, Ireland.

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A Unit Community, which is a Province, Vice Province or Region, is composed of a grouping of local communities. Each Unit has a Leadership Team that is established by either election or appointment, which is confirmed by the Congregational Leader with the consent of the Congregational Council. Among the responsibilities of the Unit Leader and the Unit Council are: to promote the unity and animate the life and mission of the Unit Community … to support Local Communities and animate Local Leaders … to collaborate with the leadership team of the Congregational Community in the implementation of directions, decisions, and recommendations of the Congregational Gathering … (Our Way of Life. D.53.2).

PBVM - Africa


L-R: Srs Judith Habasune, Judith Bingura (Leader), Sandra Ndingwa and Numba Mukeya

They are currently serving a five-year term of office that began in November 2018 and will continue until November 2023.

PBVM - Canada


Back L-R: Srs Mary Rossiter, Betty Rae Lee (Leader), Róisín Gannon Front Row L-R: Clo Martin, Anita Mansingh

They are currently serving a four year term of office which began in December 2020 and will continue until November 2024

PBVM - England


L-R: Srs Mary Deane, Eileen Keating (Leader), Bernadette Healy and Eleanor O’Gorman

They are currently serving a four year term of office which began in August 2021 and will continue until July 2025.

PBVM - India North

India North

L-R: Srs Cleetus Rani Lenadimai, Lizzy Mathew (Leader), Regi Joseph Ottaplackal, and Nisha Thomas

They are currently serving a five year term of office which began in June 2020 and will continue until May 2025

PBVM - India South

India South

L-R: Srs Silvia Francis, Preethi Chacko, Sheila De Sa and Fatima Rodrigo (Leader)

They are currently serving a five year term of office which began in June 2020 and will continue until May 2025

PBVM - Ireland North East

Ireland North East

L-R: Srs Anne Marie Farragher, Frances Murphy, Mary Hanrahan (Leader), Lillie O'Reilly, Grace Redmond and Concepta O'Brien

They are currently serving a five year term of office which began in August 2020 and will continue until July 2025.

PBVM - Ireland South West

Ireland South West

Srs Grace McKernan (Leader), Pauline Casey and Eileen Clear.

They are currently serving a five year term of office which began in August 2020 and will continue until July 2025.

PBVM - Philippines


L-R: Srs Anna Lee Vista, Jancy Delvaraj, Joy Puerta(Leader),

They are currently serving a four year term of office which began in June 2021 and will continue until May 2025.

PBVM - Pakistan


L-R: Srs Nargis Shamim, Teresa Younas, Shahnaz Barkat and Riffat Sadiq (Leader),

They are currently serving a five year term of office which began in August 2019 and will continue until July 2024.



L-R: Srs Jocelyn Quijano, Marilyn Omieczynski (Leader), Annette Figueiredo and Lois Byrne.

They are currently serving a four year term of office which began in August 2023 and will continue until July 2027

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PBVM - Julie Watson – Congregational Leader

Julie Watson – Congregational Leader

The eldest of three girls, I was born in the seaside town of Youghal, Co Cork.   Thus far I have enjoyed a very interesting life filled with many blessings, joys and sorrows.  I first came to know the Presentation Sisters when I went to school in Dungarvan.

While there my father died.  His death had a huge impact on my life.

However, the Sisters were very understanding and encouraged me a lot.  Their interest, not just in me, but in all the students set the first seeds of the call to religious life in my heart. When I look back I realise the great influence they had on my life and on my journey since.  It was from them that I first heard about our Sisters in Pakistan and India.  Meeting the Baileboro Sisters in the mid-70s deepened my desire to go to Pakistan.  Even though it took many years to arrive in Pakistan, the intervening years of initial formation, training, experience of community in the South West Province and getting to know many Sisters enriched my life in numerous ways.


I joined the Congregation in Fermoy in 1977, from there I joined 13 other novices at the interprovincial Novitiate at Castleconnell.  Those early years were times of newness and learning – I learned a lot about myself, about religious life and the joys and struggles of living with others in community.   It was there that I first heard of stillness prayer, introduced to us by Fr Paddy Cususk, S.J. a regular visitor to Castleconnell.  After the novitiate I spent 9 years in the South West Province in the communities of Milltown and Listowel.   I trained as a Primary School Teacher and on completion of my training I taught in Listowel.  While there I had many opportunities to be involved in different aspects of ministry, within the community as well as outreach in the parish and surrounding areas… it was a time of richness, learning and searching, a time to develop a real sense of belonging and rootedness in Presentation. From there I went to Pakistan in 1988 and lived and ministered there until I was elected to the CLT in 2012.


I spent 24 very fulfilling years in Pakistan living in three different communities – years that were filled with many experiences which stretched and enriched me in numerous ways.  As education is one of the greatest needs in Pakistan, teacher training and principalship were my main areas of ministry, besides carrying other responsibilities in Finance and Unit Leadership.  Prior to returning to Ireland I was fortunate to live in the novitiate community in Rawalpindi which was a life giving and challenging experience.


In 2012 I was elected to the CLT – suddenly I found myself in very new and unfamiliar situations!  These past five years have been very privileged ones – with many opportunities to meet so many Sisters from different parts of the Congregation, visit many Units, communities and places of ministry.

Listening to others share their own vocation story has deepened my own call.   Through Contemplative Dialogue I have come to a stronger sense of how God is at work in our lives in community and across the Congregation.  I feel challenged by the fragility of life all around us and at the same time the call to live in the present moment as that is all any one of us has; by the call to be a prophetic presence in today’s world, continuing to say ‘yes’ as we reach out from our own brokenness and fragility. I feel challenged to be a woman of hope, of faith, grounded in the Divine and present to the ordinary reality of everyday life.


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PBVM - Sharon Fagan

Sharon Fagan

I was born in St. John’s, NL, as the first of five children to Gerald and Audrey Fagan.  I entered the Congregation of the Presentation Sisters in 1967.  During my years as a member of the community I was educated as a teacher and a nurse.

I completed a registered nursing diploma program at St. Clare’s School of Nursing, a BS Nursing degree from the University of Windsor, Ontario and a Masters degree in Theology and Pastoral Counselling from Boston College, Boston.

My experiences in ministry in Newfoundland include teaching elementary school, nursing as a medical staff nurse at St. Clare’s Mercy Hospital, nursing as community health nurse in rural Newfoundland, nursing supervisor in Central Newfoundland, administrator of Presentation Emergency Shelter for Children, Director of Nursing at Presentation Motherhouse and as Director of Associates for the Presentation Sisters in Newfoundland.


I also served twelve years as a councillor on our Congregational Leadership Teams and eight years as Congregational Leader.  Following the fusion of the Newfoundland Congregation with the Union, I served one year as Provincial Leader.  I have also served as a member of the International Presentation Association executive team.

As a member of the Congregation, I have a passion and energy for living the mission of the Gospel and the charism of Nano. I am grateful for the honour of walking the journey of life with many people.

Becoming a member of the Congregational Leadership Team is a challenging invitation to grow in relationship with my sisters and to work together in bringing forth the best of who we are for the life and mission that we share.

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PBVM - Anne McDermott

Anne McDermott

I’m an elder sister, with a few younger Sisters in Ireland but most of my younger Sisters live in Africa, India, Pakistan and The Philippines. Since I returned to Ireland to live after 28 years in Zambia, I miss the life and energy of our younger Sisters.

Before I was elected to the Congregational Leadership Team I was previously in ministry in Mount St. Anne’s Retreat and Conference Centre, Killenard, Co Laois, Ireland, a place that provides over a period of time, a good picture of who the religious life community in Ireland are——–my senior Sisters and brothers generally. They’re an inspiration, in the gracious way they continue to be open to the evolving calls of the Divine in their lives, continuing in ministry when health and energy allows, but also graciously accepting the loss of energy and ability to be involved as they used to. Ministry here is allowing me to touch into a sense of deep gratitude within for these lives that are daily given in quiet ways with no fanfare, but it also brings me to a well of grief. I see these women who were wonderful life companions, who opened up possibilities for those of us coming after them even when we disagreed with them, their frailty, struggles with ill health, and eventual deaths can be heart breaking. I’m reminded of Cohen’s song- ‘there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’ I’m trusting that these heart-breaking experiences are opening up spaces in me that allow the divine light to radiate warmly.

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PBVM - Neneth Robledo

Neneth Robledo

I am from the Visayas area, the middle part of the Philippines. I came from a very small island called Camotes Island. I met the Presentation Sisters when I was in college and I joined them in 1996 after 6 years of teaching in the public schools.

Before being elected to the Congregational Leadership Team I was in transition. After my 7 years in Leadership Ministry of our Unit, I planned on joining a Renewal Program at the East Asian Pastoral Institute in Manila, Philippines. The journeying back into the different milestones of grace in my personal life, in the life of our Unit and the Congregation in general, the deep reflection and sharing of our different experiences, energises me. Speaking about our journey going forward is very challenging for me. It asks so much of our imagination in the midst of the pressing realities we are in.

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PBVM - Aurea Dias

Aurea Dias

I joined the North India Province on 15th August 2016 from the Africa Unit. After leaving Zambia I took a home holiday and a six month sabbatical in India. I felt I needed some quality time to get back into the Indian ethos/psyche as I was away for almost twenty five years.

I also needed time to come to terms with my choice of leaving Zambia so as to enable me to let go (as much as possible) of the way we lived, ministered, thought and governed ourselves there. This would then help me to re-enter PBVM India with an open mind and expectant heart. Since I returned to India I have been involved in the facilitation ministry. I have worked with our own Sisters in the South and North Units, the Christian Brothers and the Missionaries of Christ Jesus. I had the privilege of accompanying a few brothers and sisters during their time of retreat. I also had the opportunity to animate groups of teachers and pupils in our schools.
In 2001 I was a delegate at the Congregational Gathering which was an “AH” moment for me! It was the awesome sense that I belong to a world-wide family of Sisters whose spirit is alive with the passion and person of Nano Nagle held my spirit captive! Today, the same spirit calls me to touch the person of “Nano Aflame” who is tirelessly “Stoking our Passion” so that the whole Presentation People can catch the fire anew and become the radiance of love wherever we are and beyond. The process of Contemplative Dialogue which was the hallmark of our preparation for CG2018 is also a meaningful and inclusive energiser because it embraces all Presentation People and others into a Spirituality of Being in Communion.
While all the above energises me it also poses a huge challenge for everyday living. Another challenge is as a Congregation to be able to listen together to the Spirit of God urging us and listening we move One Pace Beyond into the Unknown where life calls to new needs. Am I ready for such kind of collective daring – to go and do what the Spirit calls us to, NOW – that Nano lived in her time? Another simple challenge is will I be able to live what I/we propose or will it stay as a beautifully worded document only! I have hope! I see so many new shoots already sprouting: our vibrant Sisters, young and not so young, co-workers, Associates, Friends of Nano and many others. Above all we are held and energised by the spirit of the Universe, held by the heart of Mother Earth and the Presence permeating everything and everyone.

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