Our Mission

Throughout our lives, we participate in this mission according to our gifts.

Our Mission: in fidelity to the Gospel we participate in the universal mission of Jesus.

Jesus began his universal mission by speaking to the people in the words of Isaiah, The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. (Lk 4:18) The course of Venerable Nano Nagle’s life was shaped by this same spirit. Inspired by her example, we become as she was, a prophetic presence and voice in the service of people made poor. We embody her commitment to the education and care of the vulnerable and powerless as we respond creatively in our varied contexts and in a world very different to hers.

We are conscious of the interconnectedness of all that exists and of God’s revelation in all of life. We add our voices to those who work for healthier ecosystems and a healthier planet, knowing that where Earth is most exploited, those made poor suffer most. We work for the transformation of unjust systems, the integrity of creation and the flourishing of humanity and Earth. We network with persons and groups whose charism and values resonate with ours. As an International Congregation our vision, like Nano’s, reaches beyond our local situations and has a global consciousness and outreach.

Throughout our lives, we participate in this mission according to our gifts. The quality of our presence, our prayerfulness and the gift of our lives are of untold value for Presentation life and mission. (C11, Our Way of Life – Constitutions of the Union of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary).