Newfoundland and Labrador

Our NL Video tells our evolving story … from the beginning of time with the dream of our God … to our formal beginnings with Nano Nagle and her companions in Ireland in the late 1700’s in the days of the horrific Irish Penal Laws which had so severely persecuted the Catholic people of Ireland … to the coming to NL of our first four Sisters from Galway in 1833 as the first foundation of Presentation  Sisters outside of Ireland, and numerous others after them … to the first young women from Newfoundland and Labrador who had joined as Sisters and the many others through the years since … to today as we are now being led into a yet unknown future that beckons us forward.

In anticipation of more of our story to follow here from our NL Unit, we invite you to enjoy our 7 minute NL video presentation created for a Gathering of Presentation People – Sisters, Associates, and other collaborators – from all over North America which took place September 2020 on Zoom, instead of in person, in Dubuque, Iowa, as had been the plan.

Click this link to watch our NL Video.

PBVM NL Gathering – Welcoming our Global Presentation World!

At the Gathering each of our seven participating Presentation Congregations/Units had prepared a 7 minute video that would portray our many and varied stories as the humble foundations in Ireland expanded into the vast expanses of the world.

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