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Welcome to this Sacred Space. You are invited to add a reflective comment, dedication or prayer through the intercession of Nano Nagle – just fill in the form below to do so. When your prayer is added to this sacred space you will be part of a community of prayer, supported by the Presentation Sisters and all who visit this space.

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    Please pray for healing for Katie, Caitlin, Emma, Leah, Justine, Cecylia, Sr Katherine and Sr Christopher


    Please pray for healing for Leah, Emma and Paige who are suffering from serious medical conditions.

    Fr Tom Stegman

    Please pray for Fr Tom Stegman SJ (former Dean of Boston College), who has been diagnosed with aggressive glioblastoma. We pray for his healing through the intercession of Venerable Nano Nagle.

    Pat O'Brien

    Pray for healing through the intercession of Nano Nagle for my two sisters - Ann Leahy and Margaret O'Flynn, originally from Knockbrack, Co Cork.

    Pia Da Cruz

    This is my small prayer for the Nano Nagle Centre that it may radiate the light from Nano's lantern and continue to spread far and wide, touching the lives of the poorest of the poor. May all to pass through the portals of NNC, feel the presence. footsteps and Spirit of Nano, radiating Jesus' presence.

    Da Cruz

    This is my small prayer for the Nano Nagle Centre that it may radiate the light from Nano's lantern and continue to spread far and wide, touching the lives of the poorest of the poor. May all to pass through the portals of NNC, feel the presence, footsteps and Spirit of Nano, radiating Jesus presence.


    Thank you for your prayers for a family member as she struggles with cancer

    Br Gabriel Potter osb

    in thanksgiving for all graces received for peace and justice in the world for the Carmelite sisters in Dumbarton for grace to be faithful to my monastic vocation


    Lord, surround with your healing presence two third level students who are diagnosed with serious health problems. Please carry them in your prayers.

    Ruth pbvm

    I pray in thanksgiving for this time of retreat.


    Please pray for a very difficult situation,that it may be resolved quickly and peacefully.I give the good Lord thanks for all that has been ,is now and what is yet to come.The Lord is my light and my help:whom shall I fear?


    Please Pray for sick family members


    Dear community, if it is possible, I would like to ask you for your prayer again, I need it so much..Please pray that I may with all of my heart know Gods unconditional love for me in my past sins and start joyful life. J


    Please hold all the Ecuadorian people in your prayers as we elect a new President on the 2nd April 2017 Gracias

    Shanaka De Silva

    Pray for Shaven's quick recovery and continued good health. Please pray for my daughter Shelomi for good health and for her studies, she is 9 this year and she will be making her First Holy Communion in July. Please pray for her big day. Let her walk through the rest of her life with Jesus. Pray for God's guidance/protection and blessings to do my job. It is a challenging and difficult assignment. Pray for good health for my wife, myself and my sister's 2 children (11 and 4). Pray for my Mother and Aunty for good health. Pray for my studies. Remember all the people who have asked for prayers from me and praying for my intentions all over the world. Please pray for my sister Surani. Pray for Suwndi, my sister-in-law. Pray for Kanthi, Roland, Malsha, Thiwanks, Suwendi, Sudesh, Annete, Rita, ...


    Lord, please hold all those who have to travel during this blizzard safely in your embrace.


    I pray for all the people like Grace, who suffered because we have not yet come to see the wholeness and holiness of all our brothers and sisters.

    Alice Dower pbvm

    I pray for healing of body-mind-spirit for a dear friend ..... May her medical team find a remedy for the Rhuematoid Arthritis that is causing her so much pain /discomfort! And so it is even as we speak ! In gratitude for all.

    Prema Xavier Pbvm

    May God continue to guide us and lead us in to the Unknown.


    A friend will forgive me and contact me during the advent season so we can have a new beginning.


    Never forgetting you all in the years I was honored to work with your unfolding in many still live in my heart...Happy Presentation Day...


    Greetings to you all for a very happy Presentation Day full of fun and prayer. Miriam Pollard PBVM.


    For peace, guidance and courage in times of stress and anxiety.

    Susan Salam

    Please join me in praying for Bob Holland of Redditch, Worcestershire, husband of Caroline who has been admitted to hospital for the third time for treatment of kidney infection. Please God that the source of infection will be discovered and definitively treated.


    I pray at this time, for peace between Pakistan and India.


    Praying for Jaime DePaula and Pita Nabholz who are battling Liver and lung Cancer


    For all who are suffering in any way tonight

    Amelina Rodrigues

    praying for Sr. Inez speedy recovery

    Annmary Andrews

    I pray for all our families, pbvm family, IPA Justice network, Friends of Nano, Associates, co workers, collaborators, benefactors, all the people we encounter in our ministries, the sick, lonely, Pope Francis and all the church leaders, the political leaders, the earth and people made poor, the whole universe and for peace and harmony in the world.


    Remembering young enthusiastic teacher of prayer who is battling cancer


    It's always a relief when someone with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!


    Praying for our Sisters from the South West Province gathered in Limerick


    God's blessing on users of the Little Flower, Meath Street, Dublin 8.

    Br Gabriel Potter osb

    thanksgiving for the gift of monastic vocation and 27 years of religious life, for the grace to be faithful to my vows for peace in the world for the safety of all the refugees in danger for peace of heart for all Presentation Sisters wherever they minister


    Praying in thanksgiving for Fran and Ruth who celabrate 40 years professed as Presentation Sisters


    I pray for all women who are in any type of transition.


    cancer recurrence, miracle required!


    I pray for all students preparing for examinations.


    I pray for all those who are physically and mentally ill, that they may be strengthened by God's love.


    I offer prayers for all those facing difficulties and those on the margins of society. And I pray that all Presentation Sisters will be inspired by the blessings of Nano in their day-to-day lives


    Blessings of gratitude to you all