The Ursuline Sisters: Celebrating 250 Years in Ireland

June 21, 2021 |

L-R: Elizabeth Bradley, Mary Kealy, Marion Roche, Sheila Reen, Irene Higgins

Nano Nagle Place, Cork was alive with history on 9 May 2021 as the Ursuline Sisters celebrated the 250th anniversary of their arrival to Cork. This was the place where Nano Nagle first welcomed them in 1771 as they came to help her continue her Education Plan to provide Irish children with a better way of life.

Presentation Sisters, Mary, Prema and Sheila were honoured to be part of the virtual Evening Prayer Service, planned by the Ursuline Sisters, to celebrate their 250 years in Ireland. It was a joy to see and pray with so many of their Sisters, who were linked from all over the world and to realize that Nano Nagle was the reason why they first came to Cork.

Joining them in person were Sr Elizabeth Bradley, OSU and two Ursuline Associates – Marion Roche and Irene Higgins, who gifted them with special anniversary candles which they used during their prayer together.

Following the prayer, they enjoyed a cup of tea and some friendly conversation. They then visited Nano’s Parlour, the Relics’ Room and spent some time in prayer at the cemetery. The graves of the four founding Sisters – Sisters Eleanor Fitzsimons, Margaret Nagle, Elizabeth Coppinger and Mary Kavanagh were specially marked with beautiful floral arrangements delivered by Sr Karen Kent, OSU on Saturday. The tomb of Nano Nagle was also decorated with a special floral tribute.

L-R: Elizabeth Bradley, Mary kealy, Marion Roche, Sheila Reen, Prema Antony

It was a wonderful gathering as we shared stories of our past and paid tribute to the wonderful women who have served our Presentation and Ursuline Congregations in good times and also in very demanding times. We are grateful for their courage, their perseverance and the blessings they brought to so many people all over the world and we pray we will have the courage to continue their good work and be a beacon for hope to those who struggle and suffer.

Submitted by: Nano Nagle Place Community