Reflections from Sr Annmary Andrews, pbvm

December 4, 2020 |

During these days of lockdown, as I continued to reflect on my life the following experience prompted me to put down my reflections. I always sat in my room looking outside through the window for meditation. The sky, trees, flowers and fruits attracted me so much. One fine day I noticed that the jack fruit tree which was thriving, was slowly withering away. I felt very sad as it was specially taken care of by the family. Day in, day out I kept observing the changes taking place and as I listened I felt it had a message for me during this time of lockdown. It reminded me of the reality of my life and the life around me.

I felt the call to let go and to live the now moment, embrace life as it unfolded, believe that the God of love and goodness is always guiding me every moment of my life. I only need to pay attention, listen and follow God’s guidance.

I was inspired by the talks of Michael Stone and Master Eckhart Tolle in different ways. I was reminded that beyond what I see in nature with my senses there is an essence / presence in nature that can only be described as holy, the Universal Consciousness, The Christ. I am called to the Presencing, Allowing, Embracing and Witnessing Christ. In order to be that I need to be awoken to the deeper dimensions of who I am. I need to trust the transcendent dimension of who I am and believe that I am whole at the level of my being and trust that I am connected to the deeper being that is whole, holy and healed.

I feel the call to rise up to the challenges and not become a victim of my circumstances, instead the challenges of life must motivate me to evolve, to cooperate with the evolution of my own consciousness. I pray that I be freed of mental virus and be vigilant about the collective virus and realize the importance of the cessation of doing and the realization of being in my life. I need to remind myself that life reflects back to me ultimately my state of consciousness.

May the fragmented entity, the ego subside and I become resolved to wholeness. The shift in consciousness can save the world and that begins with me. Pure presence, the divinity within is the Kingdom of heaven. Finding that dimension within, the eternal life that is the timelessness dimension of who I am is important. Jesus said deny thyself I need to recognize the unreal self I am and embrace my life in its fullness.

Submitted by: Sr Annmary Andrews





From Caterpillar to Butterfly

A caterpillar is blessed by God/Universe to grow and become a beautiful butterfly and bring joy into the hearts of all and to promote life.

During this lock-down confined to the walls of the sister’s house in Kerala (South India), I was gifted with all that I needed to sustain myself and also blessed with plenty of time to read, attend seminars, workshops, connect with friends, families and reflect on my own life so far.

I asked myself many questions regarding my own life, life in communities, congregation and the wider world.

For many years I have tried different ways to find an answer to the yearnings deep inside me, to live a happy and contented religious life and to nurture life for all.

In my search for greater meaning and purpose in life, I was gifted with new ideas and found them very meaningful, beautiful, heartening, life-giving and challenging too. So I decided to share them with you all.

I realized that in the past I was using the masculine power and linear ways to realize my dreams for life, for personal growth and transformation. Instead today I feel called to get in touch with my own deeper self and ways of interacting with situations and people.

What inspired me and challenged me, in short are;

  • Access the Divine Presence who is speaking to me always
  • Realize that I am one of God’s beautiful people
  • Activate and tap into the power of God gifted to me
  • Turn all the negative feelings created by my ego into love
  • Consciously choose how I desire to experience my life.

The truth is that I am created in the image of God and have deep within me all that I need to realize my full potential. I need to grow, transform, be happy and make life better for all beings. I am reminded of the Gospel passage, Mt. 17:20, Jesus said Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. 

A caterpillar cannot imagine to be a butterfly. I cannot create my destiny with a goal setting. There is a higher power in the Universe and also deep within me. I need to connect to my deeper self and listen and I will get intuitions to go for my dream. Trust that the Universal law is for me. Align my thoughts, words and actions with the Universal law and notice the little miracles that take place in my life and all around me and add beauty and joy to the life all around me.

Submitted by: Sr Annmary Andrews, pbvm