Presentation Day Novena – Day 7 – 18 November 2020

December 4, 2020 |

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother… John 19:25



A year ago you came

Early into the light.

You lived a day and night,

Then died; no-one to blame.


Once only, with one hand,

Your mother in farewell

Touched you. I cannot tell,

I cannot understand.


A thing so dark and deep,

So physical a loss:

One touch, and that was all

She had of you to keep.

Clean wounds, but terrible,

Are those made with the Cross.

∼ James McAuley: Anthology of Australian Religious Poetry p.154


Let us pray:

May we know the slow mystery

in which mourning becomes solace,

turning us towards the kindness

that wants to meet us in our grief.

May comfort come to enfold us,

not to take away all sorrow

but to infuse it with tenderness,

with rest,

with every grace it has. 

∼ Cf Jan Richardson: The Cure for Sorrow p.168


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