In Memory of Sr Anne Coffey, pbvm

December 4, 2020 |

It was with great sadness and a huge sense of loss that the news of the untimely death of Sr Anne Coffey reached us.

With St Paul who exhorts us to “Remember your leaders, those who spoke to you the word of God.”, we fondly remember Anne knowing that as believers we are the “ones who remember”.

Anne had been appointed Provincial leader of the South West Province, Ireland, with effect from the first of August 2020. Unfortunately, that was not to be as health issues which resulted in her untimely death, prevented her from taking up office.

A woman of deep faith with a warm and generous heart, who touched the lives of many people during her lifetime was what she was.

A powerful and committed witness to her way of life as a Presentation Sister and indeed a living witness to all that is best in humanity is what best describes Anne.

Embracing the Presentation way of Life informed how she lived. Integrity and respect provided a listening ear and touched many lives.

Larger than life with a lively sense of humour and quick wit is the person she was. She had many gifts not least of which was the ability to combine humanity, humour and spirituality which are surely the hallmarks of Gospel living.

We remember Anne for her creative thinking and brilliant mind, constantly discerning new ways of being Presentation.

Known throughout the Congregation for her discerning mind and keen insights and vision, she was able to read the signs of the times in her “openness to the Spirit to the point of listening to the breeze” taking on board Pope Francis’ exhortation to be an “ever watchful scrutiny of the signs of the times.”

Anne was a woman for ‘all seasons’, who celebrated all that was best in life, a beacon of light and a glimmer of hope for those who were struggling.

Her caring and easy manner endeared her to many on the journey of life and left a lasting impression on them. Like Nano, hospitality was her ‘special boast’. Anne had a ‘tent’ in her heart for everyone.

We all have our own, unique and special memories of Anne which will live in our hearts and comfort us at this time of loss.

The memory of the person Anne was helps to sustain us and gives us a reason to be grateful for a life well lived.

Gratitude is what will help us into the future to unlock the many good memories and build hope into our lives.

We know that gratitude makes sense of our past, brings hope for today and gives us hope for tomorrow.

We also know that while death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

We pray that all who mourn Anne may be comforted in the knowledge that good memories will ease the pain of loss and that somewhere deep inside, hope will spring up again.