A Covid-19 Reflection

December 16, 2020 |

Tom, a member of the Friends of Nano Meditation Group, Dungarvan shared the following experience…

I was walking the Cunnigar about 5.30pm yesterday evening. Everything was dead still…the dog could not see her paw in front of her in the fog. The only sound was my footprints on the crushed shells and my mind went to that passage on Footprints that you shared lately Mary Pat. For about a minute the moon shone through the clouds…the only light I could see. One of those moments where I felt blessed…!

Not only is Tom journeying through Covid, he is also journeying with his wife in the final stages of a brain tumour.

For Tom and our group, Covid-19 is like that sliver of moonlight penetrating the fog of our unconsciousness and calling the whole world to a new collective state of consciousness. It has and is giving us the time and opportunity to reflect on what is and what matters and find practical ways of responding to the present reality.

During the Presentation Day Novena the group collected €140 for the Simon Community and one member started giving a hot dinner every day to a recovering alcoholic who has had surgery and is not able to cook for himself. The Novena goes on and on…he gets dinner every day!

When the first lockdown happened another young man in the group got me educated in the use of technology and now our Friday meditation is available on zoom to all our members and even to some outside the country. The same enthusiastic young man set us up on a whatsapp group and our daily sharing is like that sliver of moonlight bringing the group to a new and deeper state of consciousness and union with the source and with one another. We can truly say that Covid-19 brought us together in a unique way as community.

Submitted by: Sr Gertrude Howley, pbvm


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