A Covid-19 Reflection

March 29, 2021 |

Sr Gertrude Howley, pbvm shared the below poem with her Friends of Nano Meditation group recently at an online retreat.

The group became aware from listening to the poem and from sharing that Covid is teaching us…

To accept what is

            To live simply

                       To see beauty

They summed up the fruits of their reflection in the serenity prayer;


I am Covid

And like the prophets of old

I screech and howl and roar.

I make you sick,

I infect you one by one.

I snatch your loved ones.

You run away

But I meet you on the way.

If you listen, hear my silence,

Not my roar,

You will create conditions

In which I cannot survive.

Then I will go as silently

As I came,

Leaving you in a greener land

With friendlier people.

You are not listening.

You hide from me behind masks,

Kill me with vaccines.

Running faster along the way,

You create conditions

In which I thrive.

Oh foolish people ever slow to hear

The voice of prophets.

I am friend not foe,

Saving generations yet unborn

From the folly of your ways,

Ready to go, leaving my role

To those who, hearing, know

This too will pass,

when the people listen.

Stop now, face me.

∼ Sr Gertrude Howley, pbvm


Covid-19 Reflection