The Greatest Wealth you will ever Possess is your Health

January 18, 2021 |

We are in the eighth month of lockdown at Colachel (South India) and have begun our mission again towards Maternal and Child Care. As a community, we addressed various needs of the people through Sustainable Development Goal number 3: Good Health and Well-Being. Recognizing the interdependence of health and development, we provide an ambitious, comprehensive plan of action for people through health education, medical camp and drugless therapy in our health center and surrounding villages.

We decided to improve the health status of the antenatal mothers for normal delivery and hence we introduced yoga and breathing exercises once a week as they visit our Center. This helps them to reduce their stress and anxiety about pregnancy and delivery. We also advise them to have a healthy diet and positive outlook in giving birth to the child. We conducted Homeopathy medical camp at Bethelpuram and educated people on Covid-19 and provided Homeo medicine to improve their immune system. More than 500 people participated in this event.

The community and Friends of Nano gave awareness on the necessity of having a kitchen garden and terrace garden for vegetables and herbs in a coastal village called Periyavillai. We encouraged them to have their own kitchen garden in their home. Around 30-40 people participated, at the end of the session the seeds were distributed to different groups.

On 2 October, a joyful event took place with the collaboration of all members of counselling groups of Kottar Diocese. The programme was initiated by the District Collector of Kanyakumari. It began with ‘Jothi Ottam’ from Kanyakumari to the collectorate in Nagercoil, the Headquarters of Kanyakumari District. It was followed by a one-day seminar on counselling for drug abuse and distribution of Government certificates. Now the Government has recognized the service rendered by the Kottar Diocese, Jesuits and Presentation Sisters as a joint NGO, treating drug addicts in the District for several years. We were very happy to have the opportunity to join this forum to make known our mission through the Government.

We celebrated Children’s Day on 14 November in our Parish. Three hundred children from all substations took part in the programme. We educated them on Covid-19 and the preventative measures.

Submitted by: Colachel Community Presentation Sisters (India South Unit)