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December 17, 2020 |

New Community at Nano Nagle Place, Cork, Ireland

Recently Sister Sheila Reen from the US Unit moved to Ireland to join Nano Nagle Place where Sister Mary Kealy, also from the US Unit already ministers. Sister Sheila writes:

A new community has been formed at Nano Nagle Place but Covid-19 has curtailed activities and cut down on the constant stream of visitors that are part of this Sacred Place during regular visiting hours. 

Sisters Mary Kealy, Prema Antony and Sheila Reen are anxious to meet the visitors who come to visit and pray at Nano’s grave but again very few are coming because they fear the spread of the virus. Just last week, the restaurant opened and people braved the icy cold winds to sit outside and taste the delicious food that is served here. It has a great reputation and many people come from the town during the summer months to enjoy the special food. 

We meet people on the grounds but all our Spirituality Plans are on hold until further notice. Hopefully, things will get better so we can get back to living a more normal life. In the meantime, we keep praying for better days. 

Please visit our amazing virtual tour of NNP. 


Presentation Prayer Center, Fargo, North Dakota Brunch 2020

The 35th Annual Presentation Prayer Center Brunch was held on 5 November 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this was a virtual event utilizing Zoom technology.

The featured presenter was Rick Dietz, the Director of the Franciscan Life Center in Little Falls, MN. Rick shared some of the significant events in the life of Francis of Assisi, how Francis understood them and how they were fundamental to what has become known as the Franciscan way of living the Gospel.

Forty-eight people registered for the Brunch with many participating from their home computers alongside a family member or friend.

Among participants were a number of Presentation Sisters and many Presentation Associates. Sr Petronilla Metzger was acknowledged in the introduction as a “strong positive force in shaping the spirit and programming of the Prayer Center.” Sr Petronilla died on 14 October 2020 at the age of 101.

Sr Andrea Arendt, another former director, was recognized for bringing much energy and life to the Center through her many years of service.

Plans are underway for next year’s Brunch. Time will tell if the event will be in person or virtual.

Submitted by: Peter Edwards, Director Presentation Prayer Center


From the Presentation Learning Center in Watts, California….

Distance Learning Through Zoom

Despite the trying challenges, our adult students are still eager to learn. Thanks to the assistance of Emma Muir, our Curriculum and Program Director, all students and teachers were trained in using Zoom and Remind apps and given all the books necessary to log into and succeed in their classes from home. Classes began on 31 August and we now have 105 adults enrolled in Zoom morning and evening classes. This is made possible thanks to the 23 committed volunteer instructors who are currently teaching ESL levels 1-5, Social Studies, Grammar, Science, Reading, Math, Spanish Literacy, Citizenship and GED preparation. In addition, as of October, we have been able to include Crafts & Knitting, Zumba, Tai Chi and Meditation, all through Zoom classes!


Thank you, Zoom Donors!

Due to the pandemic, we have an added expense of $500 per month in order to make our distance learning possible. This cost covers all student, teacher and staff Zoom accounts and access. In our last PLC Connects, we asked for help to pay for Zoom classes and several generous donors responded. Some sponsored a full month or more of Zoom while others contributed as much as they could afford. It looks like the need for Zoom classes will continue into the new year. 


Social Justice Groups

Our friends and students are hard at work knitting scarves for ladies in battered women’s shelters, crocheting caps for sick children at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, making blankets for patients at USC Medical Center, knitting hats and scarves for residents at Lighthouse Convalescent Home and providing bottled water, socks, blankets and toiletries to help Sr Julie Hurtado in her ministry with the homeless.





These articles were taken from the November 2020 edition of PLC Connects – the newsletter from the Presentation Learning Center in Watts, California.


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