A Nunumentary!

April 20, 2021 |

Alexa Vellanoweth is an alumni of St Bonaventure Catholic School located in Huntington Beach, CA and was taught by the Presentation Sisters.

In 2017, Alexa and her mother were dropping some clothes off at Saint Bonaventure School when she saw a woman walking on the blacktop. She realized that it was Sister Winifred Harnett, her sixth-grade teacher whom she hadn’t seen since her graduation day back in 2008. They stopped and talked with her for over an hour learning about her life and her service. Ever since that conversation, Alexa was so moved and touched by her story that it made her want to learn more about her and other Sisters’ stories.


Presentation Sisters Carmel Lynch, Maria Kelly and Winifred Harnett were born and raised in different parts of Ireland. They left their country and their families as young women to sacrifice their lives for others. These three Sisters have dedicated over one hundred and fifty years of service combined and continue to give to their community today as retired educators.


Alexa shares the documentary she, along with others created to honour these women who have touched and helped so many lives. This is the story of their sacrifice, beauty and unconditional love.

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