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TOGETHER WE SERVE HUMANITY - SDG Implementation Project in Theni, South India Province



As a first step in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, we made an action plan for Goals 1 – 6 with the sisters, teachers and the hospital staff and women’s groups in Theni. We decided to reach out to two villages and implement these goals through education, health and social ministry. These villages, Alagarsamy colony and Ambedkar Street, are densely-populated, without any basic amenities and infrastructure, despite appeals for investment by local residents to the politicians and government.

Interventions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Reduced local dependence on moneylenders by strengthening self-help-groups and helping them to apply for financial assistance from banks
  • Created awareness of the importance of education, especially of girls. Financial incentive provided for those who score well in exams
  • Conducted tailoring classes for ladies who are interested either free of charge or for a nominal fee
  •  Provided financial assistance for marriage preparation to those below poverty line
  • Gave training on preparation of phenol, soap oil, masala items, pickles etc at home as an income generator
  • Conducted monthly awareness camp on health, sanitation, nutrition and child health in collaboration with the Holy Redeemer Hospital
  • Social workers, friends of Nano and teachers helped local children clean their villages and showed them how to keep the surroundings clean.  We planned to plant 100  saplings received from the Government; unfortunately, this was not possible due to lack of rainfall.
  • Children were very interested in health-related issues during medical awareness camp.  So we have decided to start a children’s parliament to reach out in a more effective way.

Effect of our action

Friends of Nano were actively involved  in all these activities, particularly in awareness-raising for students.

Our action so far has helped local people to think on various issues. As a result they have started regulating drainage system by cleaning and keeping the area clean by themselves. They have also started segregating waste in to biodegradable and others and disposing of  it.  

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