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The Joy of Christmas Season - Sindh Province, Pakistan



Miss Mariam Miss Rose Mary and Sir Aftab were ‘Stage
Designers’ for the day and decorated the stage beautifully.

In St Francis’ School, Khipro, December was spent preparing for the school Christmas performance, which was a day of joy and celebration for us all. Everyone worked hard to make it a beautiful day of remembrance for us all - teachers, children, workers, office staff and the people of the village. 

On the 17th December we invited our Bishop Samson as a chief guest. A number of brothers from Karachi accompanied him.  A ‘Doll Dance’ was performed as welcome to our guests.

Our three compares, Shahzad, Feza and Sara welcomed the
Bishop and all the guests - parents, village people and teachers
who were specially invited to come to the performance.
The programme started with the prayerful dance which
was prepared by Miss Justina.

All children, Christian and Hindu took part in the programme.  It really brought more joy by involving different children. Classes Nursery K.G were full of Christmas trees and jungle bells.


Sr Mohan and Sr Yousaf had prepared another class to perform the Christmas drama. Different classes performed dances and sang Christmas songs.      


Smaller children modelled beautiful dresses. A Parkari dance was performed by Sir Jivan and Sir Sikander with Class 8 boys – and they were joined by Bishop Samson and two of the priests in the dance!

At the end of the programme Bishop Samson posed for photos
ith the teachers and the children.

At the end Bishop Samson congratulated the pupils on their performance. He encouraged all the children especially those speaking in English and the teachers for their hard work. He also told their parents that they should send their children to school every day and encourage them to go for higher study.

Sr. Ghazala thanked students and staff for all the hard work they devoted to preparations for the performance and thanked all the guests for attending.  Afterwards Bishop Samson led the guests to view the crib competition and Santa came with sweets for the children.  It was really a wonderful day for us all.

The next morning Bishop Samson, along with Sr Roberta, Sr Josepine, Sr Wishram and Br Welfered, visited children who come from the bagger families.

These people live simply; they work hard for their children and do not send them out begging. Some of the children come to school regularly and on time and there are a number of very good students from this village. We are all very happy with their presence in the school.


  Bishop Samson was very relaxed and chatted with many people, encouraging them to send more of their children – especially girls – to school, stressing the importance of education for everyone.


We thank God for all his love and support on that day.

Sr Shazia Lal PBVM, Pakistan Unit

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