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Presentation Day Greeting from the Congregational Leadership Team

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Presentation Day Greetings



On the Feast of the Presentation of Mary in the Temple, we take time to contemplate how Mary enters fully into the dream of God. Her deep awareness of the mysterious and creative spirit of God enables her to say ‘Yes’ to the mission to which she is called, namely, to be the mother of God Incarnate. 

Like Mary, who pondered in her heart, we commit ourselves to “being still” in the presence of God, alone and together. (Our Way of Life, D4.1). 

May our honouring of this commitment enable us to grow in our awareness of God, like Mary, and to respond to the mission to which we have been called wherever we are. 

“The account of Mary’s presentation in the Temple can serve as a powerful reminder that service to others, in whatever form, finds its origin and end in the contemplation of God. Nano Nagle knew the fruitfulness of this correlation – prayer and service....”  (Nano Nagle and an Evolving Charism, 2017)

‘The Presentation of Mary’ 
at St Peter’s Basilica, Rome


At this time, we are mindful of those who suffer greatly in various parts of the globe – the Rohinga crisis, those affected by war and violence, those affected by natural disasters and climate change, and those who live in any kind of fear or insecurity.

We also pray in a very special way for our Sisters and all the people of Zimbabwe at this time. Please click on the following link to read more about “A Call to Pray for Peace in Zimbabwe”. 


May our contemplation increase our sensitivity to and solidarity with those who suffer or are in any kind of need – small or great – at this time. May the flame of love within each one of us go stronger and fire us ‘to do all in our  power’ to respond to the needs of others and of Earth, our common home, in the spirit of Mary and Nano.

Wishing you every blessing and the joy of the Feast of the Presentation of Mary.

Mary, Frances, Julie, Fatima and Anne

Congregational Leadership Team



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