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  • Sr Terry and children planting at the Garden of Oneness in Zambia
  • Sr Shalini marching for the poor and marginalised in New Delhi, India
  • Sr Teresa helping a patient in a local hospital in Nuneaton, England
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Praying Our Journey



Br Donal Leader CFC presenting the book to Sr Mary Deane PBVM and Team in


PRAYING OUR JOURNEY – A Prayer Resource for the Tercentenary Year of The Birth of Nano Nagle

Praying Our Journey is a compilation of reflective resources inviting the Presentation Family during the Tercentenary Year to experience in a special way the ...

… NANO JOURNEY … Her mystical encounter with God called her to respond with generosity, vision and faith throughout her life-journey

… Ashram of Contemplative AWARENESS … we are invited to come to that place where we open fully to who we really are

… Ashram of WISDOM … a place where the heart discovers the presence of the Mystical in all encounters and in all things

… Ashram of the HEART … the abode of desire for God and of a loving presence with and for all people and all creation

… Ashram of COMMUNION … we acknowledge the presence of the Mystical in all reality, in the tiniest particle as the immensity of the Universe itself

… Blessings and Prayers … in a new voice, one that acknowledges our changing religious language. They reflect, too, the emerging awareness, across all cultures and religions, that the evolving Universe is the original and fundamental experience of revelation.

We express our appreciation to the Nano Nagle Commission: Srs Veronica Casey, PBVM (New Zealand), Betty Rae Lee, PBVM (Newfoundland), Anne Lyons, PBVM (Ireland) and Ms Margaret Rosair (India) and also to Brother Donal Leader, CFC, for compiling this creative and inspirational resource.

May the Tercentenary Year of Nano’s Birth be Milestones of Grace for all of us as we continue our Pilgrim Journey 

May Nano be always Aflame in us …

Stoking our Passion … Becoming the Fire … Radiating Love!