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News from the Philippines in Negros



Nano Nagle Child Care and Learning Center-
Moving Up Ceremony

The implementation program involved many assignments, paperwork and instructional requirements and was a testament to our endurance, patience and team working! We must now track subjects to develop  student skills for employment and for the core subjects  to ensure college readiness.  The long term results supposedly are to make the graduates globally competitive and functionally literate.

In this new structure, we have new terminologies and new structures: BCC (Binalbagan Catholic College) offers the academic strands consisting of three tracks: Science Tech, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM); Humanities (HUMS); Accounting, Business and Management (ABM). Ecology will also become integral to its academic and religious education program not only as a value. NSDN also offers Humanities aside from Information  and Communication Technology (ICT).  All these have implications not only on the finances of the school but also on the needed classrooms and facilities.

Philippine Accrediting
Associationof Schools,
Colleges and Universities 

During this time of transition, we also received a visit from the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). This is the accrediting organization of schools, whose role is to maintain quality standards of the educational institutions in the country.

With the various conferences, meetings, seminars and trainings for schools to attend, the demands of  changing the educational design of the country pose quite a challenge. Questions also arise - will this indeed promote the welfare of the people especially those made poor and not simply promote the export of the precious labor and  brains of the country leaving behind social problems besetting the families? On one hand the Sisters, the faculty and staff who have served up to thirty or more years believe that to form the students coming from the people made poor, to be competent in their professions and deeply imbued with the values orientation of the school of justice, compassion, prayerfulness and faithful stewardship  of God’s creation is worth the hard work and its risks. As of now there is no shortage of students wanting to enroll in the school. Our problem is the classrooms and other needed facilities.

Nano Nagle Childcare and Learning Center-
Himamaylan, Negros Occidental

There is also a plan to reach out to the mountain communities of the Presentation Sisters in the form of tutorship by the students in literacy and numeracy and bookkeeping for the livelihood projects. But not all has been well for one of these the communities.   One of the leaders was shot dead before his wife in front of their house.  Now the strong men are hiding or don’t want to be seen after getting messages of threats. During meetings we see only the children, the elderly and the mothers.

This is happening despite the news that the government will undertake free distribution of lands to the landless farmers and despite the fact that the appointed Secretary of the Agrarian Reform is man very committed to the cause of the landless farmers. 

My the Easter Message of Christ of Fear not, it is I speak to our heart as we support the people made poor in their different circumstances.

Sr Aquila Sy PBVM

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