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Nano's Charism Alive in Jammu, India



Artist, Ella Yates, paints a mural of Venerable Nano Nagle in Jammu, India

Srs Celine, Regi and Archana with Ella
(3rd on left)

The Presentation Sisters in Jammu in the northern part of India were fortunate to have Ella Yates, a renowned artist from the United States of America with them. Ella has painted many beautiful murals and pictures of Venerable Nano in different parts of the world, especially in places where Presentation Sisters and Friends of Nano live and serve in mission. The Sisters requested Ella to paint a picture of our Foundress, Nano Nagle, and the outcome was a wonderful surprise. Ella painted the picture of Nano along with the assistance of many talented students from the school. The result is indeed a wonderful masterpiece. As it is painted at the entrance of the school, everyone who enters the premises will get a glimpse of our beloved Nano Nagle. 

“I often think my schools will never bring me to heaven, as I only take delight and pleasure in them.” Nano Nagle


Spreading Joy and the Charism of Nano Nagle

Christmas is a time for sharing joy and love. To bring the spirit of Christmas alive, a number of outreach programmes are conducted each year at the Presentation Convent Senior Secondary School, Jammu. One such programme is a visit to the local prison. Inspired by Venerable Nano who visited the prisons in Cork in her day, the students along with the members of the prison ministry and Srs Anice and Regi Joseph, visited the prison and presented a cultural programme to brighten up the spirits of the inmates there. It was a memorable experience for the students and a reminder to them to make the right choices. Moreover, it made all of them appreciate the gift of freedom that they enjoy in their lives. 

“I was in prison and you visited me...” (Matthew 25:36)

The image below taken from the icon written by artist, Desmond Kyne, reminds us of the charism that Nano had for the prisoners in Cork during her time – some of whom were sent to the gallows and some to Van Diemens Land.