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KCBC Madhya Anti-Alcoholic Council, Kerala



Sisters and Lay women volunteers at
an awareness programme

Kerala is the leading state in India in the field of Education. Unfortunately, as income increases, the number of suicides and divorces also increase. A few years ago, a survey conducted showed that 80% of the people consume alcohol on a regular basis. These are men between the age group of 20 - 40 years.

The Government very often sanctions permission to hotels to run bars. Many accidents occur due to drunken driving, and more than 4000 deaths occur each year. Women and children in the families are the main victims of alcoholism.  A team of two of us and sisters, go for counselling to St. Sebastian’s Boys’ school, which is managed by our Kanjoor Parish. Most of these children’s fathers come home drunk, and the home becomes a place of tension and fear. As they share their story with us, tears roll down their faces.

I have worked in Ernakulam Diocese with this Samadhi from 2002 to 2015, with a two-year break. We encourage the alcoholics to attend retreats and counselling sessions. Some are also sent for treatment to different other centres, and for fellowship meetings.

Awareness programmes are given in
schools and colleges.  We also give
periodical awareness at different
sectors in the villages e.g.  
village panchayats (civic bodies), 
 religious and lay women.

In 2012, our units (parish) got the second best award for the work among the alcoholics, through the Samadhi of Ernakulam Diocese.   The Committee received the Best Award twice, and the Second Best Award three times at the Diocesan level. There are 29 Dioceses in the State. Each diocese has MVS.  Last year we were able to close about 418 bars and a few beverage outlets in the State.

Sr Suma is presented with a sheild and
a shawl after being voted the best
volunteer in the Diocese

Now, the Communist Government is giving permission to open many bars. But most of the people are against it, and our Samadhi is planning to join the protest. I hope we will succeed in our endeavour. Currently, I am unable to continue this ministry due to ill health and hope to join the Committee soon.

Sr. Suma Katticaren PBVM

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