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Installation of Solar Electricity in Tribal Village of Illupur in Tiruvallur, India



The villagers suffer from poverty, illiteracy, inequality, unemployment, poor health and hygiene. They lack power of decision making, as low caste people are controlled and dominated by the high caste people.

Their simple huts and mud houses often share common walls. There are no toilet facilities, although there is street lighting and drinking water facilities.  The people do not have regular jobs or employment. The income of the family is only Rs.2000/- to Rs. 3000 per month. They earn barely enough money for their food and other necessities of life. For any emergency, they borrow money at high interest.

Currently only a few among the tribe are educated. although recently there has been a change in people’s attitudes. They are now willing to educate their children. However, enrolment in the schools is very low and school drop-out is always on the increase.  The people share transport facilities to the local Balwadi (Play School), about 1km away.

Each family has 3-4 members. Women and girl children are looked down in the society. Early marriages exist for the safety of the girls. Most of them are Hindus and a few are Christians. They work from 8.30 am to 5.30pm after which they visit the neighbors.

Sr. Christy Amutha works with the tribal community to restore the dignity of the people.

Distribution of Solar Lights to Illupur village
The Presentation Sisters had set aside money to install Solar Electricity in this village. On March 23rd Thursday 2017, Sr. Christy  Amutha Jesuraj went with representatives from the solar company, Mesha Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and  distributed the solar lights with the help of the village leader. The company was kind enough to provide 7 lanterns and covered the entire cost needed so that every house got electricity. In total, 25 solar lights were distributed to 25 Irular families.

The people were overwhelmed with joy and expressed their sense of gratitude to the Presentations sisters for their care, concern and generosity. The leader of the village sincerely thanked the Provincial and the team for their generosity in funding Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) towards this Solar Lights project. Some days later when Srs. Lancia and Christy Amutha visited the village they found that the solar lights added joy to the lives of the community.  

Sr. Christy Amutha Jesuraj, PBVM

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