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  • Sr. Evelyn speaking with the Badjao Students in the Philippines
  • Sr Terry and children planting at the Garden of Oneness in Zambia
  • Blackwater River at Nano Nagle's Birthplace, Ballygriffin, Co Cork
  • Sr Shalini marching for the poor and marginalised in New Delhi, India
  • Sr Teresa helping a patient in a local hospital in Nuneaton, England
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Fracking and Human Rights - an issue brief



“Because all creatures are connected, each must be cherished with love and respect, for all of us, as living creatures, are dependent on one another.” Pope Francis

Mercy Global Action at the UN is delighted to introduce our issue brief on fracking and human rights.  This tool can be used to help identify and contextualize the process of fracking, its impacts on people and Earth, and prescriptions of international human rights law.  The 4-page document succinctly defines both fracking and human rights law and then briefly explores fracking’s impacts on key components of the human rights to health, water, food, housing, access to information, and to public participation as outlined by international law.  Both the English and Spanish versions are attached here in PDF format.

The issue brief is a compilation of highlights from the more comprehensive Guide to Rights-Based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law and Fracking.  We invite you to use the issue brief in your own advocacy and to share it widely.  For a more in-depth analysis of fracking’s impacts on human rights, you can download the full guide from the Mercy World website.

Both the full Guide to Rights-Based Advocacy: International Human Rights Law and Fracking and the Issue Brief are available in English and Spanish.  Click here to download the English version.  The Spanish version is available here.

You can link to the issues brief and full guide here.