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Co-Visioning, Co-Learning and Co-Creating the Future We Want



Sr Elsa Muttathu lead the IPA training on the SDGs at the Claretian Retreat Centre, Manila,  Philippines, which was held with the support of the Conrad Hilton Foundation. 18 participants from 6 countries participated in the programme:

From Pakistan 

  1. Shazia lal (National Coordinator)
  2. Rozie Yunas
  3. Farzanna Bashir

North India 

  1. Asha Jacob
  2. LIbania Fernandes
  3. Lalitha Pushpa

South India 

  1. Flora Mary Aruldoss
  2. Lilly Orathel
  3. Divya Fernandes
  4. Nifa Viegas (National Co-ordinator)


  1. Helen Lenehan (National Co-ordinator)
  2. Aquila Sy
  3. July Tabata


  1. Lynette Rodrigues (National Co-ordinator)
  2. Judith habasune
  3. Mbololwa Ilinanga
  4. Mrs.Naume Pasipamire (Zimbabwe)


  1. Chitra Vargas

The programme began with an opening prayer on the theme, Listening to the Heartbeat of God Within Ourselves and the Mother Earth. It led us to reflect deeper on our action towards global transformation. We committed ourselves to walk the earth with love and to heal it with our reverence and respect. The song kept us connected with the whole of creation.


The theme for the programme was Co-Visioning, Co-Learning and Co-Creating the Future we want.   Topics covered included: Journey of IPA – evolving from  1991 to 2017; Understanding  IPA statement Direction and Commitments; The United Nations System and Mechanisms and Human rights and Advocacy. The sisters each shared their country stories connecting their ministries to the SDGs and how they can apply the training in their work and ministry

Ms Sharon shares her experience with the
participants in the prison....

The group had talks from resource people from different organisations in Manila working for the empowerment of the people of Manila, particularly women: Lorelei Covero from IBON International, Beverly from the IPMSDL (Indigenous People's Movement for Self-Determination and Joana from GABRIELA (National Women's Alliance Philippines.

They spoke on

  • Critical understanding and engagements in Agenda 2030/SDGs.
  • Indigenous people and their rights
  • Commercialisation on Indigenous peoples’ culture
  • Key concerns of the indigenous people and the mantra “no one is left behind’:
    Often the most vulnerable are those left “farthest behind”
    Indigenous people are not mentioned in the SDGs
Srs. July Tabata,(Philippines) Libania Fernandes
(North India), Rozie Yunas (Pakistan) and Chitra
Vargas (Thailand) speaking on the SDGs with
Mbolonwa as the moderator.

Participants were given one SDG each to speak on, relating target goals and principles to activities in our own workplaces. Panels consisted of four participants, each of whom spoke. The feedback we received on how we plan to focus on the SDGs in order to achieve specific goals was very helpful and we learned a lot.

The contrast between the MNCs  huge buildings
swallowing the  poor peoples shanties with no

We had an exposure programme to KADAMAY campaign area where the people live with bare minimum basic amenities.

We were taken to two different areas to see how the people are being affected by poverty. People had returned to the site of houses that had been demolished, as there were no basic amenities in the areas they had been relocated to. It was horrifying to go around the pathetic urban slum.

Children carrying the garbage to
Garbage Van

We learnt about the status, culture and the various evil practices that have developed due to lack of housing, unemployment, lack of education for children, no health facilities, drug addiction etc.

For many of the participants, viewing this appalling situation was both a disturbing and a learning experience, seeing at first hand the absence of Human rights and SDGs.

A visit to GABRIELA taught us about how this organisation works for a range of women’s issues - unemployment, imprisoned women political leaders fighting for their rights, education of women and children, legal advice, among others.

Mr. Michael , Jerome, Nana briefing us with the urban
slum situation and the various ways they are trying to
make a difference

MS Sharon, a political leader released 6 months ago, shared with us her experience of being imprisoned and the support she got from GABRIELA. It was inspiring and encouraging to see how Filipino women are struggling to get freedom from the evils that are existing in their society.


Libania Fernandes

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