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Christmas Greetings and Launch of the Tercentenary Year of the Birth of Nano Nagle



As we celebrate the Birth of Jesus during this Christmas Season, we, the Presentation Sisters, mark the anniversary of the founding of our Congregation by Nano Nagle on Christmas Eve. On 24 December 1775, Nano, along with her three companions came together to begin this new journey. This year, the 24 December marks the Official Congregational Launch of the Tercentenary Year of the Birth of Nano Nagle. Let us gaze at this image created by artist, Lillie O’ Sullivan (to mark the 225th anniversary of the death of Nano in 2009). Let it speak to us anew of the good news of the birth of the Christ Child - as we celebrate the Foundation Day of the Congregation and begin the commemoration of the year of the birth of Nano. 

If you would like to read about the artists reflections on this painting, please click here

Where Love is Born

In lives where love has been born this day thanks be to you, O God. In families where forgiveness has been strong, thanks be to you.

In nations where wrongs have been addressed where tenderness has been cherished and where visions for earth’s oneness have been served, thanks be to you.

May those who are weary find rest. May those who carry great burdens for their people find strength. 

May the midwives of new beginnings in our world find hope.

And may the least among us find greatness, strength in our souls, worth in our words, love in our living. Amen. 

— John Philip Newell, Praying with the Earth: A Prayer Book for Peace

On 24 December next or during the Tercentenary Year, we invite you to creatively use resources from the  book, Praying Our Journey, to commemorate this joyous occassion. 

Please see below a video which presents a three-minute introduction to Praying Our Journey.

Across the world during 2018, Presentation Sisters, Friends of Nano, Co-workers, Boards of Management and staff of Presentation schools, hospitals and centres of ministry, students and others inspired by Nano Nagle, will be marking the Tercentenary Year in creative, diverse and prophetic ways. We would love to hear about the way(s) in which you or others whom you know are marking this special year. Please send stories and photographs to communications@pbvm.org

Wishing you many blessings at this joyous time!

Srs Mary Deane, Julie Watson, Anne O’Leary, Frances Murphy, Fatima Rodrigo

Congregational Leadership Team