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Celebrations in North India



International Women’s Day, therefore, is a movement close to the Presentation heart, as Sisters across the world have worked for the education of girls, often going into the poorest of communities, reaching out to those often overlooked.

Parity of educational opportunity is not yet a reality in many parts of the world. However the Sustainable Development Goals incorporate the goal of gender equality in all aspects of society - education, health, work and recreation. The celebration of International Women’s Day presents important opportunities to acknowledge and address gender inequality across cultures and communities.

Here, the Presentation Sisters in North India describe some local events and celebrations in honour of International Women’s Day.

Young women spoke and recited poems on the need for women to raise their voice to protect their rights and dignity in the family/society.  The celebration was centered around “Save Girl Child” to inspire the society with her beauty and strength.

The Chief Guest, activist Mrs. Sudha Kamra, spoke to the gathering of more than 250 women of saving every girl child who is in God’s plan and educating her, for  without her the world’s beauty, harmony and equilibrium is incomplete. Let us, then co-operate with the plan of God and be the co-creators of life.

Presentation Sisters, Bhalswa

In Bhalswa, Children, Vocational Trainees, Adult literates and the SHG groups of women from both the centres of Janta Vihar and Bhalswa, gathered together to celebrate this great event. The theme for this year, “Be bold for change” was also connected with the SDG goals no 4, 5 and 15.

The children, trainees and women staged a drama which depicted the importance of education, planting of Trees, saving the Girl Child and saving the Earth. We were happy to have our Sisters from Anjali, Delhi-6, and Prernalaya join us for the event. Seventeen students were awarded Certificates from PCS Delhi, having successfully completed their vocational skill training. The girls who learnt tailoring were given machines on completion of their course. Sr.Rani , Advocate CBCI Labour commission office Delhi was our Chief guest. Congratulations to Srs. Lalitha, Jayarani and Libania and the Deepshikha staff.

Presentation Convent School, Rohtak

The students of PCS Rohtak paid tribute to all mothers, expressing their gratitude to the women of their locality. Recalling the many hardships mothers / women have to face to make the lives of their children more comfortable and happy, they presented a short play where mothers choose education of their wards above obstacle and difficulties. They in turn become an inspiration to lead others to rise above present difficulties, looking at the bright future they can offer to their children.

They were greeted with self-made greeting cards by children for the steps they have taken in choosing their girl children to come to school and be educated.  A step towards eradication of poverty and a life of self esteem and dignified life.

Sr Selma George PBVM

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